Weekly classe Hormone Yoga GPBalance

With Frédérique Verdeau

I invite you to discover the weekly GPBalance courses. In order to comply with the new rules for "sporting" activities linked to deconfinement, we can only receive a maximum of 10 people, so it is imperative that you reserve your place. Check dates and times on the schedule below.


The discovery rate is € 10.


The GPBalance method, created by Gustavo Ponce, is a holistic method intended to re-harmonize our body using various techniques traditionally used in yoga: asanas, breathing, meditation. Among other things, these different techniques will aim to rebalance our hormonal system, which regulates most of the functions of our body's organs, our metabolism and our immune system. The method also pays particular attention to the use of effective techniques in the management of stress, the main cause of many diseases. We will not forget to strengthen, stretch our body through various postures affordable by all.


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