Gustavo Ponce


Pioneer of yoga in Latin America, Gustavo Ponce, Chilean, born in 1947, will visit us next spring for a workshop / teacher training for GPBalance, a method he has been developing for several years and which aims to wake up and balance the hormonal system . Gustavo is a yoga teacher but also ex-ambassador of Chile to Japan, international entrepreneur, writer, columnist in various international yoga journals. He speaks 6 languages ​​(including French!) And has trained the majority of yoga teachers in Chile. He started yoga at the age of 11 and has since dedicated his life to this discipline. In 2003, he was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system: non-Hodking lymphoma in phase 4, his life prognosis was only a few years. After 8 months of chemotherapy, Gustavo sets out to develop GPBalance in order to help him with his illness. The results were spectacular and 15 years later Gustavo shares with us this new method of hormonal rebalancing.

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GPBLANCE is a therapeutic method developed to wake up and rebalance hormones! To differentiate this hormone from many others, Gustavo simply added his initials, GP. "Balance is the ultimate state of well-being, where everything is perfectly aligned and works perfectly. In our chaotic lives, balance can seem like a totally unrealizable goal, or at least, requiring a profound change. Once you learn to balance with GPBALANCE, it's a free, easy, complete and definitive way to improve the health and long-lasting vitality of hormones. " GPBALANCE works on the whole body: From a physical point of view, exercise improves balance, posture, flexibility and mobility. It strengthens and tones muscles and bones. However, its most important efficacy is the extraordinary increase in energy levels and vitality due to the reactivation of the endocrine system and sexual glands. It even rejuvenates us in our appearance and our mental attitude. GPBALANCE protects us against infections and diseases caused by a weakened immune system. It helps struggling women to free their minds: less stress, anxiety and depression. It provides better sleep and emotional stability. It gives us energy and mental clarity. GPBALANCE is based on a proven scientific basis, but for this to work, it is necessary to minimize the level of stress. In other words, the level of cortisol. GPBALANCE can be combined with other types of exercise such as swimming or bodybuilding. Yoga is not about what you do, but how you do what you do. It is suggested to people who wish to practice GPBALANCE seriously for, say, three months, to do the following blood tests before and after the start of the practice. Men should in principle pass a complete exam of testosterone (ideally the free and bio-available) and a SHBG exam. For women, it is advisable to test estradiol and progesterone. For men and women, tests of FSH, LH, ACTH, TSH and cortisol in 24-hour urine are recommended. This is a clear way to prove the benefits of the method. It is also advisable that women perform the tests between their menstruations because during menstruation, the hormones vary and some proteins vary. It is also important to draw attention to the profound relationship between the endocrine glands and the Chakras energy centers, known to Indian sages for centuries. In GPBALANCE, we explore this dimension. Learn more: